The Rills’ ‘After Taste’ EP: A Fresh Take on Indie Anthems

Lincoln-based trio The Rills has released their new EP ‘After Taste,’ offering a promising collection of energetic indie anthems and poetic vulnerability. The four-track EP showcases the band’s ability to deliver shamelessly catchy indie bangers while infusing them with a unique freshness that comes from their shared love of Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Oasis, and Pixies.

The opening track ‘Spit Me Out’ sets the tone for the EP with its fiery garage punk sound and Mitch Spencer’s raw vocals. The lyrics paint a picture of small-town life, capturing young love and kitchen-sink melodrama through ‘00s indie dreams. The band’s sound pays homage to the Meet Me In The Bathroom era, but with their own unique twist.

The EP’s standout track ‘Brayford Odeon’ showcases the band’s potential as a real heart-wrencher. Spencer’s emotive vocals sing of flailing romance in the car park of Lincoln’s central and overpriced cinema, evoking a sense of poetic vulnerability reminiscent of Pete Doherty in solo or early Babyshambles mode. The surprise mandolin solo adds a touch of whimsy and makes small-town life feel all the more epic.

The Rills’ music may adopt what some snobs would write off as “landfill” flavors, but their music is for young guitar lovers and the faithful who confound the media by getting regional bands to Number One. The EP’s tracks, such as ‘Landslide,’ rollick along with the pop ferocity of Two Door Cinema Club being chased out of a Propaganda night by The Cribs.

The ‘After Taste’ EP is a promising release from an indie band that’s giving their all away from the sneers. Their music is full of fun and life, but also a lot of heart. ‘Falling Apart’ is a grunge bop that tells the story of a relationship in decline, offering a perfect balance between infectious melodies and emotional depth.

In conclusion, The Rills’ ‘After Taste’ EP is a refreshing take on indie anthems, showcasing their ability to deliver catchy bangers with a fresh twist. The band’s unique sound and poetic vulnerability make this EP a must-listen for fans of indie rock.